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2010-2011 Student Handbook 
2010-2011 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life





Location: Gill Center
Phone: Ext. 2580 or 410/857-2580
Athletic Director: Mr. James Smith

Intercollegiate athletics give students the opportunity to develop and maintain sound physical and mental health, desirable social and recreational competencies, lasting personal relationships, and a positive self-image.

The College is a Division III member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Centennial Conference.

The school colors are green and gold; McDaniel College teams are called the Green Terror.

Intercollegiate Teams

Men: Baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, indoor and outdoor track, and wrestling.

Women: Basketball, cross-country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, indoor and outdoor track, and volleyball.


A student must be enrolled for 12 credit hours during the semester of competition and be making satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate degree.


Location: Gill Center
Phone: Ext. 2580 or 410/857-2580
Director: Mr. Scott Singleton
Website: www.mcdaniel.edu/athletics/index.cfm

Intramurals offer team and individual sports at recreational and competitive levels. Offerings include:

Fall semester: flag football, soccer, golf, basketball, floor hockey and tennis.

Spring semester: basketball, indoor soccer, badminton, dodge ball, softball and volleyball.

Check the Intramural website at www.mcdaniel.edu/athletics/index.cfm for yearly schedule and upcoming events, schedules, and results of current competition.

College Committees with Student Representation


Various faculty and trustee committees with student members make recommendations to the faculty, the president or the trustees, and, in some cases, handle specialized functions. Committees with student members are listed below. Student representatives are selected by the appropriate individual or group.  To apply for one of these positions, visit the Office of Student Affairs and in the case of the Athletic Council, see the Director of Athletics.

Athletic Council

The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Athletics regarding the intercollegiate athletic program.

Honor and Conduct Board

Ten students serve on the Board along with ten faculty members. It hears cases regarding student conduct and academic dishonesty.

Student Visitors to the Board of Trustees

Three student visitors serve as liaison persons between the students and the Board of Trustees. Students are selected in their sophomore year for a term of three years.

All College Council

The All College Council is an advisory body to students, faculty, and administrative leaders. While the council has no specific area of responsibility or authority, it is composed of campus leaders who serve in positions that can affect changes discussed by the Council. Thus, it provides a forum of discussion for campus issues, particularly those that affect several parts of the community. Additionally, it allows student, faculty, and administrative leaders to be advised by representatives of the whole community. Members of the All College Council include:

  • Students: SGA Executive Board, Student Engagement event programming board, Inter-Greek Council, Multicultural Student Association, and the Commuter Student Association.
  • Faculty: Three faculty-elected members of the Student-Faculty Relations Committee
  • Administrators: College President, Vice President for Administration and Finance, and Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Student Government Association

The SGA is the central coordinating body that serves to promote the general welfare of the student body and to express a student voice in the affairs of the College. Voting members of the SGA include the Executive Board, Cabinet Members, and Community Presidents. The Executive Board leads the SGA and is elected by the student body in the spring for the upcoming school year. SGA Cabinet members are appointed members that serve as a chairperson to one of the following committees: Academic Affairs, Athletics, Student Engagement, College Services, Communications, Finance, and SGA Affairs. Community Presidents are elected at the beginning of the school year, from each one of the residence halls, North Village, Garden Apartments, Pennsylvania Avenue, and the Commuter Student Association.

President: Nicholas Bender

Vice President: Zach Weeder

Treasurer: Hayoung Kim

Secretary: Robert Kapp

Organization’s Council

The Organization’s Council is the central means of communication from clubs and organizations on campus. The purpose of the council is to communicate and facilitate campus-wide initiatives, events, and activities. Members of the Organization’s Council are representatives of the various clubs and organizations. These representatives participate in representing their constituencies through committees on the Student Government Association.

Senior Class Council

The Senior Class Council is responsible for the planning and coordinating of all senior class events, fundraisers, and activities throughout the school year. Rising seniors elect members of the Senior Class Council one-year prior to the graduation of the class.

Public Relations Coordinator:
Event Coordinator:

Student Engagement Event Programming Board


The Office of Student Engagement event programming board promotes social, cultural, and educational programs for the campus community. It also provides a number of leadership opportunities for students. Committee membership is open to all students, and the variety of programs allows for varying degrees of input and participation.

Advisors: Ms. Christine Workman
Office: Decker Center, lower level; Ext. 2266.


Publications and Media



The College literary magazine is composed of poetry, short stories, photography, and art work. Submissions are accepted from students, faculty and staff.
Co-Editors: TBA

The McDaniel Free Press

The student newspaper is published for the McDaniel College community every other Thursday. Copies are available at the Information Desk.
Co-Editors: Megan Robinson

College Radio

The College radio station operates during the academic year and is run by students.
General Manager: Jamie DeAtley


This bi-weekly calendar of events and reminder of campus activities is published by the Office of Student Engagement and is available at the Information Desk.


The College yearbook is a pictorial collage of the varied social, cultural, and athletic activities representing life on “the Hill.” Yearbook orders are taken throughout the school year.
Co-Editors: TBA

College TV Station

This cable TV station covers campus events and provides movies and other programming.
Co-Managers: Tyler Carr and Nick Green

The Media Board coordinates the efforts of the campus media.



Gill Center

Hours (subject to change):
  Mon.-Thu. 8 a.m.-11 p.m.
  Fri. 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
  Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
  Sun. 1-11 p.m.

Merritt Fitness Center

  Mon.-Thu. 7 a.m.-11 p.m.
  Fri. 7 a.m.-6 p.m.
  Sat. 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  Sun. 1 p.m.-11 p.m.
Phone: Ext. 2432 or 410/857-2432

Gill Center offers a fitness center and playing courts. All must sign in. Students, faculty, and staff must have I.D. and accompany their guest, who should obtain a pass at the desk.

McDaniel P.E. and athletic scheduled activities (e.g. classes, games, practices) have priority use of the facilities.


Location: Campus golf course
Hours: Fall, spring, summer hours: 8 a.m.-dark
  Winter hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (Seven days a week, weather permitting)
Phone: 410/848-7667
Admission: Students-I.D.; Guests- $10 (weekday); $15 (weekends/holidays); $8 (twilight-after 4 p.m. every day) $10 (9 holes-weekends only) $8 (17 yrs. of age and under)

Riding carts, pull carts and rental clubs are available for a nominal fee.

Swimming Pool

Location: Decker Center, ground floor
Hours (subject to change):
Lap: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Rec: Mon.-Thu., 8:30 p.m.-10 p.m. (Closed Thursday evening when scuba classes are in session.) Sun. 1-5 p.m. & 7:15-9:15 p.m.
Phone: Ext. 2717 or 410/857-2717
Admission: Students-I.D.; Guests-$1

Use of the pool is free for students, faculty, and staff; I.D. required.

Swimming not permitted without a lifeguard on duty.

Families of nontraditional students may use the pool by showing their spouse’s/parent’s I.D., but children under 12 must be supervised. There is no charge.

Tennis Courts

Location: Between stadium and Main Street
Hours: Depends on classes scheduled
Phone: Ext. 2580 or 410/857-2580
Admission: Students-I.D.; Guests-Sign in

Only tennis may be played on the tennis courts. Tennis shoes are required.

Student Organizations





Academic Related  
Art Club Mr. S. Pearson
History Club Dr. D. Evergates
McDaniel Mathematics Club Dr. S. Hamblen
Philosophy Club Dr. P. Bradley
Photography Club Dr. R. Boner
Psychology Club Dr. J. Arnai
Ranger Platoon TBA
Religious Studies Dr. G. Alles
Social Work Club Dr. C. Orzolek-Kronner
Sociology Club Dr. D. Lemke
Spoken Wordz Dr. R. Ursin
Student Academic Support Services Mr. T. Webb/Ms. C. Waddell
Acabellas Ms. K. Englar
Alternative Film Club Dr. V. Jakoby
College Concert Choir Dr. M. Boudreaux
Danger Sauce Ms. G. Fouche
Ja Dada 1st Ms. S. Scott and Ms. E. Grey
Jazz Band Mr. B. Eckard
Late Night Playback Troupe Ms. J. Behar
Madrigal Singers Dr. M. Boudreaux
McDaniel College Gospel Choir Mr. E. Byrd
Ethnic & Cultural Groups  
Asian Community Coalition Dr. D. Lemke
Black Student Union Dr. A. Johnson
El Club Español Dr. T. Deveny
Eye to Eye (Deaf Awareness) Dr. M. Rust
German Club Dr. M. Esa
Hispano-Latino Alliance Ms. M. Joyce/Ms. A. Martinez-Sotelo
International Club Ms. R. Falkner
Le Cercle Français Dr. C. Henriette/
Dr. M. Motard-Noar
Mano En Mano Dr. A. McNichols
Multicultural Student Association TBA
Palabras to Words TBA
Alpha Gamma Tau Mr. P. Miller
Alpha Sigma Phi Dr. R. Kachur
Kappa Delta Rho Dr. R. Trader
Phi Delta Theta TBA
Phi Kappa Sigma Dr. B.Wladkowski

Honor Societies

Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honors) Dr. L. Semu
Alpha Lambda Delta (First Year Honors) Dr. K. Violanti
Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre Dramatic Arts) Mr. I. Domser
Beta Alpha Chi (Music) Dr. G. Caldwell
Beta Beta Beta (Biology) Dr. R. Morrison
Eikon Texnh E’-Ete (Art History) Dr. S. Scott
Gamma Sigma Alpha (Greek Leadership) Ms. E. Towle
Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Chemistry) Dr. R. Smith
Honors Dr. S. Madsen
Kappa Delta Pi (Education) Dr. S. Travetto
Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics) Dr. S. Hamblen
Lambda Iota Tau (Literature) Dr. M. Bendel-Simso
Lambda Pi Eta (Speech Communication) TBA
Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics) TBA
Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership) Dr. E. Seidel
Order of Omega (Greek Leadership) Ms. E. Towle
Phi Alpha (Social Work Honors) Ms. M. Young
Phi Alpha Delta (Pre-Law) Dr. C. Neal
Phi Alpha Theta (History) Mr. S. Feeley
Phi Beta Kappa Dr. M. Bendel-Simso
Phi Lambda Upsilon (Chemistry) TBA
Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages) Dr. M. Motard-Noar
Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy) Dr. V. Jakoby
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science) TBA
Pi Gamma Mu (Social Science) Dr. C. Leahy
Psi Chi (Psychology) Dr. W. Morris
Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics) Dr. V. Pagonis
Society for Collegiate Journalists Mr. T. Dalton
Trumpeters (Leadership) Dr. S. Raley
Contrast (literary magazine) Dr. K. Dobson
McDaniel Free Press (newspaper) Ms. L. Breslin
Pathways (yearbook) Ms. C. Gunther
“Terror” TV Mr. J. Slade
WMCR (630 AM Radio Station) Dr. R. Trader
Mentoring Groups  
Best Buddies TBD
McDaniel Unity Ms. L. Breslin
Political & Public Interest  
Active Minds @ McDaniel College Dr. H. Chalk
  Ms. K. Mastroianni
Allied Health Club Dr. S. McCole
Allies (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual & Transgender Club) Dr. B. McMillan
Amnesty International Dr. C. Leahy
Cheese Club Dr. D. Lemke
Cocktales Dr. S. Raley
College Democrats Dr. H. Smith
College Libertarians Dr. D. Lavin
College Republicans Dr. K. McIntyre
Environmental Action Club Dr. S. Hardy
Food For Life Ms. M. Colbert
Free Thinkers Union at McDaniel Dr. P. Bradley
Gerontology Club Dr. D Martin
Harvard Model United Nations Dr. C. Leahy
International Relations Dr. C Neal
Justice League Dr. D Johnson-Ross
Maryland Student Legislature Club Dr. H. Smith
McDaniel MSTA State Education Association Ms. D. Vickers
Peace Club Dr. T. Deveny
Social Work Action Team Dr. J. Kunz
Sophisticated Ladies Dr. D. Johnson-Ross
Women’s Issues Group Dr. D. Evergates
Religious Groups  
Baha’i Club Ms. S. Coverstone
Catholic Campus Ministries Ms. M. Friday
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Mr. J. Foster
Jewish Student Union Ms. L. Wack
Lutheran Campus Ministry Dr. G. Alles
Unitarian Universalists and Friends Dr. D. Lemke
Service Groups  
Alpha Phi Omega Ms. L. Breslin
Canine Companions Dr. R. Kachur
Circle K Mr. W. Spence
Gamma Sigma Sigma Dr. B. Upton
Heroes Helping Hopkins Dr. S. Parrish
Relay For Life Mr. M. Alexander
Up ‘Til Dawn Club Ms. E. Immler
Phi Alpha Mu Dr. D. Lemke/Dr. D. Vance
Phi Mu Ms. H. Reigel
Phi Sigma Sigma Ms. R. Seeds
Sports & Recreation  
Cheering Squad Ms. S. Prodoehl (410 876-1290)
Chess Club Mr. R. Repsher
Flying Disc United Peoples Dr. S. Hardy
Juggling Club Dr. J. Marx
McDaniel Club Softball Ms. J. Fryman
McDaniel Dance Company Ms. L. Breslin
McDaniel Mixed Martial Arts Mr. J. Dressell
Outdoors Club Dr. J. Marx
Pom Dance Team TBA
Rugby Club Mr. M. Gallagher
Ski/Snowboard Mr. J. Slade
Table Tennis Club Dr. H. Rosenzweig
Ultimate Frisbee Club Dr. H. Smith
Student Governance  
All College Council Ms. B. Gerl
Commuter Student Association Ms. E. Towle
Inter-Greek Council Ms. E. Towle
Inter-Fraternity Council Ms. E. Towle
Panhellenic Council Ms. E. Towle
Student Alumni Council Ms. S. Shank
Student Athlete Advisory Committee Mr. J. Smith
Student Government Association Ms. B. Gerl

2010-2011 Affinity Groups

Affinity Group Advisors(s)
Asian Community Coalition Dr. D. Lemke
Canine Companions for Independence (Puppy Club) Dr. B. McMillan
Food For Life Ms. M. Colbert
Gerontology Club Ms. D. Martin
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Ms. J. Blauwkamp
Lorax Dr. V. Jakoby
Maryland State Educators Association Ms. M. Joyce
McDaniel Unity Ms. L. Breslin