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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science and International Studies

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Professors C. Leahy (Department Chair), C. Neal and H. Smith; Associate Professor D. Johnson-Ross; Assistant Professor A. Boukhars.

Areas of particular teaching interest: Professor Smith: state and local governments, public opinion research, national and Maryland elections and campaigns; Professor Leahy: comparative politics of Europe, political development  , the methodology of comparative politics, conflict resolution, international human rights, and revolutions and revolutionary movements (in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East). Professor Neal: judicial process, political theory, American political behavior and minority politics Professor Johnson- Ross: comparative politics of developing nations, African politics, ethnicity and nationalism, politics of identity, gender,  politics and popular culture. Dr. Anouar Bouhkars:  international politics, international relations theory, international law, national security, Middle East politics, terrorism and violent extremism, the politics of the Arab Spring, the role of moderate Islam in the politics of the Middle East, the politics of Morocco and the Western Sahara, the Sahel and the Maghreb.


Julia Lau Bertrand, Attorney at Law and Professor of law and politics:  courses in international law and organization, Southeast Asian politics and United States national security issues involving Southeast Asia and China.

The Honorable Judge Mark Rasinsky (Attorney at Law) : course in the philosophy of law.

The study of politics as both an art and a science involves understanding how ancient, modern and post-modern thinkers have come to understand the political world both philosophically and empirically on a national level, local level and an international level.  Students learn about the processes of government, the avenues for participation in the political system and in government, as well as the actors involved and the means by which they exercise power, influence and authority.  The study of political science and international studies offers a rich curricula of law, legal systems and processes, governments, popular participation vehicles, political development, political violence, revolution, international relations, foreign and security policy  and is useful in a number of professional fields, including, but not limited to:  law, social work, public administration, public service, foreign service, nongovernmental organizations and non-profits, journalism, and teaching. Students who study political science and international studies will be better equipped to be effective citizens of their nation-states and citizens of the world.

Students in the Department of Political Science and International Studies engage in many off-campus programs such as the Washington Semester Programs of The American University, the Washington Center Internship Program, and various Study-Abroad Programs, including the McDaniel Europe semester, the McDaniel Saint-Louis University Program in Belgium, Africa University in Zimbabwe, and a host of other programs here and abroad.      .Students regularly participate in internships on the local, state, federal, and international levels {in law firms in Westminster, in the courts and electoral campaign offices, in Annapolis, including the prestigious Governor’s Internship, in the state house, in the offices of the Attorney General, Baltimore law firms, Congress, lobbying organizations on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, in various embassies, in the European Union offices in D.C., in Brussels, and in Strasbourg, and with the Departments of State, Homeland Security, and the National Security Administration.  These internships wed the theoretical with the hands on experience to provide a formidable experiential learning format. Many students obtain jobs with these organizations upon graduationng.

Pre-Law; Social Work, Teacher Certification in Secondary (middle/high school) Social Studies. Minors are also available in Political Science and International Studies.

Please see teacher certification requirements in Social Studies  .

Please see the dual major options with Economics French , German , Spanish , Social Work .


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