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    McDaniel College
  Dec 17, 2017
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology Major

Seven additional courses (28 hrs.) selected from the groups shown below.

The courses above, plus seven courses chosen from groups I-IV below. Five of the seven must be lab courses.  Lab courses  are noted with the * symbol. Of the seven, take at least one course from each group, plus three more courses distributed over two of the groups.

Alternative Lab courses

Alternative lab courses BIO 1172 and 2211 may be included as part of the five labs BUT you still need seven courses from the groups.

Departmental Writing Requirement

The Department of Biology extends writing throughout the major. Students who major in Biology are required to take two writing-intensive courses, plus one Senior Capstone. Writing-intensive courses are noted with the # symbol.


  1. 1. The course load for each semester is usually four courses. All Biology majors should take Principles of Biology (BIO 1111, 1117). Students who decide to take Introductory Chemistry (CHE 1101, 1102) or General Chemistry (CHE 1103, 1104) in their first year should consult with their advisor or, if their advisor is from another Department, with a faculty member in the Biology Department before making this decision. The third first-year course is usually Introductory English. The other courses should be chosen to fulfill a general college Requirement as well as the First Year Seminar requirement.
  2. All courses should be selected only after consultation with their academic advisor.


Total Program Hours: 52