Feb 26, 2020  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Kinesiology (KIN) MS


Contact: Dr. Andria L. Hoffman

The graduate program offers students an opportunity to pursue an interest in the discipline of Kinesiology. Successful completion of an approved program leads to the Master of Science degree. Students pursuing the Master of Science degree have the opportunity to select one of three specializations: general studies, administration, or scientific perspectives. Candidates complete a thesis (3.00 credits) or a comprehensive exam (0.00 credits) as their capstone experience.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates required to submit:

  • application for graduate study with non-refundable fee;
  • official transcript conferring bachelor’s degree (minimum 2.75 GPA) from an accredited institution
  •  three completed reference forms



 All degree candidates must successfuly complete the required core, a specialization, and supporting electives.

Core Courses 12 credits (thesis) - 9 credits (comp exam):

Specialization (choose one):

 A specialization must be declared by the completion of 9 credit hours.

General Studies 18 credits (thesis) -21 credits (comp exam)

The General Studies emphasis permits candidates to self-select a course of study relative to their professional interests.

Supporting Electives 3 credits (thesis) - 6 credits (comp exam)

Administrative 15 credits (thesis)-18 credits (comp exam)

The Administrative emphasis provides a body of knowledge essential to administrative positions in the education realm or private sector.

Supporting Electives 6 credits (thesis) - 9 credits (comp exam)

Supporting Electives 3 credits (thesis) - 6 credits (comp exam)

Total Credit Hours: 30 credits (thesis) - 33 credits (comp exam)