Jun 23, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

English–Theatre Arts Dual Major

The English-Theatre Arts Dual Major is designed for students with an interest in the study of literature, theatre history, dramaturgy, and literary and performance theory. It prepares students for graduate studies in theatre, English literature, dramaturgy, or playwriting. Such students should check with their advisor in education to make sure that all course required for certification have been completed.

The dual major normally requires the completion of four courses each academic year. In their first year, prospective majors are advised to complete two introductory courses in Theatre Arts (1111, 1113, 1117), and to take two additional courses, in either discipline, at the 2000-level.

If they choose to do so, majors will be able to complete, in part or in whole, college requirements in Textual Analysis; Creative Expression; Social, Cultural and Historical Understanding; and Global Citizenship.

Students may elect to apply for departmental honors in either discipline, or in both.

Two courses from the following:

One writing course from:

Four 4-credit elective courses in literature, English language, or writing above the 1000-level (one of which must be a 3000-level course)

One capstone course from:

Total Program Hours: 64

Contacts: Dr. Robert Kachur, English; Prof. van den Berg, Threatre Arts