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2014-2015 Graduate & Professional 
2014-2015 Graduate & Professional [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



One to two months prior to registration, course offerings for the following term will appear on the Archway. Registration dates and times will be emailed to all active students’ McDaniel email as well as appear on the Archway, under Authorizations and Restrictions.



Prior to the start of class, students may add or drop a class using the Archway. After classes start, students may add a class only if they have the approval of the instructor or program coordinator; an add/drop form, with the instructor’s signature, must be processed with the Registrar’s Office. You may drop a course on the Archway during the first two weeks of class (during the summer only through the second class meeting), after that they must send an email from their official McDaniel College email address to the Registrar’s Office. Please include name, student ID number, the course title, number and section for the course or courses you want to drop and a daytime phone number. Notifying the instructor of the class is common courtesy but is NOT an official drop.

If a student drops a course(s) after the first two weeks of class, a grade of “W’ will be posted.  This grade appears on the transcript but is not calculated in the students’ GPA.  Students may not drop a class two weeks prior to the class ending without permission of the program coordinator.

If students determine they are unable to complete their academic program or continue enrollment in classes, they should withdraw from the College. It is assumed that students will not withdraw from the College during a term. However, if such a withdrawal is necessary during the term, please refer to the add/drop policy. Students must notify the Registrar’s Office in writing if they intend to withdraw from the College (email from the McDaniel email will suffice).



Educational Records

Educational records are those records, files, documents, and other material directly related to a student and maintained by McDaniel College or any of its agents. The College assumes an implicit and justifiable trust as custodian of these records. Access to and release of student records are determined by College policy, which complies with Public Law 93-380 (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, often referred to as the Buckley Amendment). Copies of the College Policy on Release of Information About Students and of the U.S. Department of Education regulations implementing Public Law 93-380 are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Retention of records

Academic records are held by the Registar’s Office. Transcript records are also permanently held by the Registrar’s Office. Documentation pertaining to the registration for each semester is held only for a period of one year. If any questions should arise regarding documentation of enrollment more than one year beyond registration for the course, it will be the student’s responsibility to produce proper documentation to support any claim for a change to the record.



Official transcripts will be sent upon written request by the student. A $5.00 fee is charged for each official transcript requested. Transcript requests will not be honored if the student has any outstanding accounts at the College. Transcript requests must be received in writing. Transcript Request Forms are available on the McDaniel College website, www.mcdaniel.edu under Records, or in the Registrar’s Office. Students may mail or fax a written request with a credit card number to the Registrar’s Office. The written request should include: student’s name, ID #, dates of attendance, academic level (graduate/undergraduate) and the name/address where transcript is to be sent. Any special notations, such as “hold for degree posting” or “hold for current semester grades”, should also be included in the request. The Registrar’s Office fax number is 410/857-2752. Normally once a written transcript request is received it may take up to three-five days to process the request. However, at the end of each term due to the volume of requests, the processing time is longer. PLEASE NOTE: The Registrar’s Office WILL NOT accept transcript requests via e-mail because a signature is required. For more information on how to request a transcript please call the automated transcript information line, 410-857-2215.