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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Professor J.R. Carpenter; Associate Professors Hoffman, McCole, McKenzie (Department Chair); Assistant Professor Laird, Lecturer Bryant, Moyer, Petrie, and Porter; Coach Lecturers Curley, Easterday, Euker, Jones, Lagana, Martin, Neary, Nibbelink, Ramey, Renner, Wolverton, and Yarrish.

Areas of particular teaching interest: Professor Carpenter: sport psychology and sport sociology; Professor Hoffman: pedagogy and motor development; Professor Laird: strength and conditioning; Professor McCole: exercise physiology; Professor McKenzie: exercise physiology.

A basic liberal arts major in Kinesiology is available, providing the student with a broad base of instruction in the discipline, yet still allowing enough time to take elective courses in other departments.

Beyond the basic major, a variety of career options are offered in specific professional areas of Kinesiology. Career training for coaching, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, sports management, and the health and leisure industries, as well as preparation for graduate education are available. Students with diversified career interests may build on the basic major in directions consistent with their objectives.

Options in Kinesiology are offered through minors in athletic training; exercise science; performance, fitness and conditioning; sports coaching; and sports management (see list and requirements below).   A dual major, Exercise Chemistry, is offered in conjunction with the Chemistry Department.

Please see the Education section under Curriculum in this catalog for teacher certification requirements in Kinesiology.

Please see Chemistry section for Chemistry-Kinesiology (Exercise Chemistry) dual major option.

Departmental Honors

An application for departmental honors must be filed prior to the end of the second week of classes in the semester in which graduation is anticipated. A student must:

  • have a 3.50 GPA in all courses taken in the major
  • must have a grade of A- or higher in the Senior Capstone
  • receive a recommendation from the KIN Department faculty


Physical Activity

Each student at McDaniel College must demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge and competence in two courses or activities that are intended to develop physical fitness and/or promote informed and positive attitudes and behaviors that lead to lifetime wellness.  Kinesiology majors must demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge and competence in four additional courses or activities beyond the McDaniel Plan requirement of two, for a total of six.  Students may satisfy all or part of this requirement through certification, and by departmentally administered competence tests. Intercollegiate athletes can receive a waiver of one course per season.  Veterans of the US Armed Services receive a waiver for both courses. A credit/fail option is available for all Physical Activity courses that are not taken as a requirement for a specific program.

Many activity courses will be offered each semester including a variety of special topics. A list of specific courses to be offered in a particular semester is provided at the time of registration.

Students who satisfy all or part of the physical education requirement through certification, testing, or athletic participation receive course exemptions, not course credit.

McDaniel College accepts no financial responsibility for injuries resulting from participation in physical education activities.


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