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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music – Specialization in Theory and Composition

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  • MUT 1131 - Music Theory I or by placement
  • MUT 1132 - Music Theory II or by placement
  • MUT 2201 - Advanced Music Theory I
  • MUT 2202 - Advanced Music Theory II
  • MUT 3309 - Counterpoint
  • MUT 3310 - Form and Analysis
  • Four hours of Independent Studies in composition and/or arranging - In order to better ensure success, students are strongly encouraged to begin their formal study of composing and/or arranging in the first semester of their junior year. Students are encouraged to begin experimenting in this field as early as possible.

  • MUS 1201 - Piano Proficiency
  • Six hours of piano (as needed for proficiency)

  • MUS 1204 - Aural Training/Proficiency
  • Eight hours of aural skills (as needed for proficiency)or MUS 1204 - Aural Musicianship Proficiency (must be satisfied prior to taking Music courses at the 3000 level or higher)

  • Eight hours of applied music lessons, one major instrument preferred*

  • Participation in a Department musical performance group each semester in residence

  • Attendance at a minimum of five (5) departmentally sponsored concerts or recitals per semester

  • MUS 3200 - Careers and Professional Communication in Music
  • MUS 4205 - Senior Recital Capstone - One Public Recital
  • A major composition or research project will be required. This project may be associated with the recital or one of the music theory courses. See department handbook for details.

    Note: *Six of the eight credits in applied music lessons must be on the student’s major instrument or voice. The three semesters prior to and including the semester of the senior recital must include applied study on the major instrument (the instrument of the recital). Transfer students must complete four of the eight required applied credits in their program on their major instrument and perform their senior recitals at McDaniel College.


3 Music History/Literature courses to be chosen (1 each) from the following categories:

World Music

Departmental Writing

Students who major in Music are required to take MUS 3200 - Careers and Professional Communication in Music during their Junior or Senior year.  This class is only offered the fall of even numbered years.

Suggested First-Year Schedule:

See Basic Music Major 

Total Program Hours: 56 plus courses needed to pass proficiency requirements

Contact: Dr. Caldwell, Music

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