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2014-2015 Graduate & Professional 
2014-2015 Graduate & Professional [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Mission

The First Principles have long committed the College to the development of liberally educated women and men who think critically, creatively, and humanely. The philosophical outlook of Graduate and Professional Studies is grounded in these principles.

The mission of Graduate and Professional Studies is to prepare culturally competent professionals committed to leadership in their field. Students are placed in the center of a community rich in the liberal arts tradition. An emphasis on the foundation of knowledge and critical decision making based on current research, theory and practice are central to the various programs.

To accomplish this mission, the Graduate and Professional Studies program at the College prepares professionals who:

  • are specialists in their field of study and who value the balance and interdependence of current theory, research and practice;
  • advocate for and facilitate the personal growth and well being of a diverse clientele;
  • use appropriate technology, assessment and analytical tools to solve problems and make decisions in their field;
  • are prepared to interact, communicate and practice in a variety of settings with unique constraints and cultures; and
  • are committed to life-long learning and continuing their own personal growth in order to stay current in their profession.