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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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Professors Motard-Noar (Department Chair), Deveny, Esa, and Evergates; Associate Professor McNichols; Assistant Professors Baage and Campero; Senior Lecturer Zaru.

Areas of particular teaching interest: Professor Deveny: Golden Age and 20th-Century Spanish literature, Spanish cinema; Professor Esa: German, German women writers, innovative teaching methods, novellas, proverbs, idioms; Professor Evergates: Greek, Latin; Professor Motard-Noar: 20th-century French fiction; French graphic novel; Professor McNichols: Spanish-American Colonial literature, Spanish and Spanish-American early modern women writers; Professor Baage: contemporary Francophone literature; Professor Campero: twentieth and twenty-first century Southern Cone poetry and literary theory; Professor Zaru: Arabic

The study of World Languages is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Proficiency in another language allows students to better appreciate both other cultures and their own, and is the cornerstone of a liberal arts education. It also provides a competitive edge when seeking employment after graduation, since more and more businesses and professions seek personnel with knowledge of a second language. If applying for graduate school, you will probably need a minimum level of proficiency in at least one language other than English. Our program in World Languages thus reflects the faculty’s commitment to serve two different but complementary needs. It prepares those who choose to study world languages and literatures as their primary field, as well as those who wish to use a world language as a skill to be applied in another area such as education, economics, business, international studies, or history. The Department offers advanced courses which meet the needs of both groups. The Department has had an outstanding record of graduate school placement; graduates have gone on to some of the best programs available both as majors in a language field and in other fields where a second language is a necessity. McDaniel students have won Fulbrights, national competitive awards such as that of the Alliance Française, and have gone abroad to serve in the Peace Corps, studied in Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Latin America, Québec, Spain, and Tunisia, and found jobs in a variety of different contexts.

Recognizing that the study of language is essential to liberal arts education, the Department is committed to the goal of providing a sequence of courses leading to competence in a world language. Specialization in a language may take the form of a major (in Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies with linguistic specialization, French, German or Spanish), thus preparing a student for graduate work in the field, or it may be combined with Education courses for certification in secondary school teaching (middle/high school). Competence in a world language is increasingly important in other fields as well and provides a desirable double major in combination with areas such as Business Administration, Communication, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, and Sociology.

Several opportunities to enrich the academic program are provided both on and off campus. Students are encouraged to explore the opportunities for the language houses in the affinity housing program, to participate in language clubs, and to take advantage of the many special events such as film series and social activities which focus on world cultures. The Department requires students majoring in World Languages either to live in language housing on campus for one year or to live and study abroad for one semester. January Term trips provide short-term study tours of major French-, Spanish-, or German-speaking countries. The College also grants full academic credit for a number of programs that sponsor summer, a semester, or a year abroad. Information on such programs is available from the Director of Study Abroad at the International Programs Office.

The department also offers minors in Arabic, French, German, Latin and Spanish. Only one course in English may count toward the major or the minor in French, German, or Spanish. Courses in one or more European language(s), European History, Political Science, Art History, and Literature may count toward the European Studies minor. Courses in Greek or Latin may count toward a minor in Classical Civilizations. Courses in Chinese may count towards the Asian Studies major. Up to 12 credits may be waived toward a major or minor in a World Language through the College-administered placement examination, which is taken before beginning classes as a first-year student.

Please see  teacher certification requirements in French/Education minor  , German/Education minor  , and Spanish/Education minor  .

Please see dual major option with  German-Economics .     

Departmental Honors

To receive departmental honors in French, German, or Spanish, students must:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5;
  • Have a 3.5 GPA in the language they major in;
  • Be recommended by the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures;
  • Engage in an independent study and submit a 30-page paper in the target language or a minimum 50-page translation from the target language into English (if the student has taken a translation class in that language). The student must receive an A on the paper or translation to receive Departmental Honors (If the student were to not receive an A, the student does receive credits for the independent study project, but does not receive honors).

This option is also available to those students with double majors or student- designed majors. It is recommended that interested students make an appointment with a professor in the Department during their junior year to discuss their options.


The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures is affiliated with several Study Abroad programs in Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Central and South America, France, Germany, Austria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, and Switzerland. Programs in French-speaking Africa are also available. The Department can approve attendance at other programs in France, Germany, Spain, or another Hispanic country. For more information, see the Study Abroad section of this catalog.


Major in either French or Spanish

Strongly recommended:

  • Take as much of a second Romance Language as possible
  • One year of Latin
  • Live at least one semester abroad

Advanced courses from:

  • Art History
  • British Literature
  • Philosophy
  • History


Basic Major in German

Strongly Recommended:

  • Live at least one semester abroad
  • Take as much of a second language as possible

Advanced courses from:

  • Art History
  • British Literature
  • American Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Business

World Language and Other Career Opportunities:

Having a strong background in one or more world languages can be a valuable asset for obtaining employment in fields such as international business and commerce, journalism, law enforcement, and government. For further information, students should contact the World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department or the Center for Experience and Opportunity.




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