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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Arts

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Professor E. van den Berg (Department Chair), Assistant Professor S. Joslyn, and Lecturer Fouché.

Areas of particular teaching interest: Professor van den Berg: acting, directing, voice and movement; Assistant Professor Joslyn: theatre design and technology; Lecturer Fouché: acting and interactive theatre.

The theatre arts program offers intensive study in three areas: 1) acting, 2) interactive theatre, and 3) production. Students begin with core courses from all three areas, and then narrow their focus in intermediate and advanced level classes.  These skills courses are supported by the study of theatre history and dramatic literature, as well as using the skills in practical application through performance and production. Students may also focus within interdisciplinary majors in the following areas:  theatre, film and video production (THE/CIN) or dramaturgy, theatre history and literature (THE/ENG). In addition, two minors are offered: in theatre arts and acting.

The department offers an active season of performances, including: scripted performances directed by faculty and visiting artists from the Washington/Baltimore professional theatre; curricular performances for students focusing in acting; and community-based and devised theatre performances. Typically, a season will include four or five productions, including plays directed by faculty and visiting artists, student-directed plays or scenes, and a community- based performance.

Visiting professionals from the Baltimore/Washington area support the permanent faculty with specialized courses in performance, history and design.

The major in theatre arts prepares students for careers in the professional theatre, for graduate studies in theatre and applied theatre, and for a variety of other vocations which demand the interpersonal, creative, and interpretive skills developed by theatre majors.

Other Educational Options in Theatre Arts:

Dual majors with Cinema (Theatre, Film and Video Production) and English; minors in Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre Performance, and Acting.

Please see the Dual Majors section for dual majors with Cinema and English.

Majors are encouraged to begin their studies with the three core courses in Acting, Group Process in Interactive Theatre and Stagecraft. Subsequently, they will choose an intermediate course in two of these areas, and then pursue advanced work in one focus area, culminating in a relevant practicum course and a senior capstone course. In addition, they will take two intermediate courses in ‘texts and traditions’.

Majors in Theatre Arts may reasonably expect to satisfy, in part or in whole, the College requirements in Creative Expression; Textual Analysis; and Social, Cultural and Historical Understanding. With careful selection of courses, they may also satisfy, in part or in whole, the requirements in International and Multicultural studies.

Departmental Honors

Students eligible for departmental honors may apply no later than one month before their date of graduation. An eligible student must have achieved a 3.5 grade-point average in all courses taken in the department, and in any other courses taken to meet a major requirement. Dual majors count only courses taken in Theatre Arts. The application will provide a description of the student’s work in the appropriate senior capstone (Acting, Interactive Theatre, Production, Directing or Dramaturgy), with supporting materials and artifacts documenting the process and results of the project). If the faculty of Theatre Arts agrees that the work described represents exemplary work, and if the 3.5 grade-point average is maintained, honors in the department will be awarded upon graduation.


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