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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Special Opportunities

Education Abroad

Contact the Associate Director of International & Off-Campus Programs at

Education abroad, or study abroad, is for students in any discipline. Studying abroad offers students the opportunity to have a different cultural experience while pursuing academic work that supports their goals and plans. While abroad, students may take courses in their majors as well as those that fulfill McDaniel Plan and Commitment requirements. The Associate Director of International & Off-Campus Programs in the Center for Experience and Opportunity (CEO) advises students interested in studying abroad and provides a resource center for information about overseas programs in general.

Students may choose to study abroad for a semester or full academic year, during the summer or January Term. Many options are available for study in hundreds of destinations throughout the world utilizing McDaniel’s affiliation with various institutions and universities abroad. The College has its own branch campus and national study abroad center in Budapest, Hungary — McDaniel Budapest (see below). The College also participates in exchange programs with Université Saint-Louis in Brussels, Belgium and the ISEP exchange consortium. Each January Term faculty members also lead courses on academic study tours both domestically and internationally. Students can also intern, volunteer and conduct research abroad.

Federal and state financial aid is only available for transfer to affiliated programs. Institutional aid and scholarships may be applied to McDaniel College Budapest and exchange programs. Education abroad scholarships are all so available through a variety of sources. Planning for an education abroad experience should start by the beginning of the semester prior to your planned term away if not earlier. The requirements, application procedure and deadlines vary by program. For more information, contact or visit

McDaniel Budapest

Contact the Director of International & Off-Campus Programs at

McDaniel Budapest, is the European branch campus of McDaniel College. Established in 1994, the Budapest campus is the College’s signature education abroad program and most popular study abroad site. In addition to serving as a national education-abroad center, the Budapest campus provides a four-year undergraduate program for international students from over 20 different countries, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History/Studio Art, Business, Business/Economics, Communication, Political Science and International Studies, and Psychology and also a minor in Journalism & New Media. A wide range of courses offers the chance to fulfill McDaniel Plan and Commitment requirements. 

All courses are taught in English by highly qualified Hungarian, European and American professors. Credit-bearing internships may be possible in some disciplines. Faculty-led field trips to cities throughout Central Europe are also a regular part of the program. McDaniel College Westminster students can transfer all financial aid and institutional scholarships to the Budapest study abroad program.

Special Domestic Off-Campus Semester Programs

Students considering a special off-campus semester in the U.S. should consult with the Director of International and Off-Campus Studies ( and their academic advisor, or appropriate program advisor, as well as the Bursar’s, Financial Aid, Registrar’s and Residence Life offices at the College.

Awards and Fellowships

McDaniel College has a proven record of helping students win competitive awards and fellowships, including the Gilman, Fulbright, The Summer Intern Fellowship and more.

To learn more, contact your academic advisor and visit the Center for Experience and Opportunity, Roj Student Center.

Career Development

The CEO provides students with the tools to help students clarify their skills, interests and work-related values; research career options; plan for graduate school and academic experiences; search for internships and employment opportunities; and develop their resume and cover letter. To learn more, visit

Common Ground on the Hill

Executive Director: Walt Michael, Artist in Residence

Common Ground on the Hill is a traditional music and arts organization whose purpose is to offer a quality learning experience with master musicians, artists, writers, and crafts people while exploring cultural diversity in search of “common ground” among ethnic, gender, age, and racial groups. Two weeks of classes and workshops are offered each summer and events are sponsored during the academic year. Peaceful solutions to social and individual conflicts are sought through the sharing of artistic traditions. In a liberal arts context, these courses in the humanities and the arts may be taken for graduate and undergraduate credit by contacting Dr. Henry Reiff, Acting Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies, or Walt Michael, Artist in Residence.

Military Science

Military Science can be an integral part of a student-designed major or an elective supporting any major. The courses are designed to develop each student’s leadership ability and to prepare the student for commissioning as an officer in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Courses are open to both men and women. Students will find that Military Science provides instruction and practical experience which complement any undergraduate major. For more information email Lieutenant Colonel Hartmann or visit the College’s Military Science webpage.

Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses

Undergraduates at McDaniel College may enroll in graduate courses once they have successfully completed at least 80 credits in their undergraduate program and have a 2.75 GPA or higher. Normally limited to one or two courses, these credits may count toward the undergraduate degree if approved by the undergraduate advisor. Students must also seek approval from the graduate program coordinator to take the course/s. Students who choose to take graduate courses outside of a bachelor’s to master’s pathway program should be aware that the courses will count only toward the undergraduate degree, if approved by the undergraduate department chair, and admission to a graduate program is not guaranteed. Students who apply to a graduate program after graduation should be aware that courses taken as an undergraduate may or may not be applied to the graduate program depending on the program requirements at the time of application. Students who would like to apply the graduate credits to both the bachelor’s and master’s degree should seek admission to an Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Pathway Program .