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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Services

The oversight of the residence life program, extracurricular activities, and various student services is coordinated by the Academic and Campus Life Division. The Dean of Students, whose office is located on the upper level of Roj Student Center, and staff members are readily available to talk with individual students and groups; the goal of the Academic and Campus Life staff is to help students make the best use of the College’s and students’ own resources and opportunities.

Residence Halls


A student’s residential experience is often an important facet of attending college, and the residence hall is far more than a place to sleep. Learning to live in close proximity with others, making new friendships, and becoming aware of the rights and responsibilities of all concerned are important aspects of a college education.



The College offers a variety of living arrangements. First-year students live on campus in traditional residence hall buildings; students who committed to McDaniel through early decision, or those that have accepted to the McDaniel Honors Program, may request to live in Daniel McLea Hall. For upperclass students, there are three traditional residence halls comprised mainly of double rooms and some singles and triples. These are Albert Norman Ward Hall, Blanche Ward Hall, and McDaniel Hall. Daniel MacLea Hall is designed for suite-style living. Students may apply to live in substance-free areas or affinity housing. Other areas are reserved for members of a particular fraternity or sorority to live together as a group. First-year students, sophomores, and juniors are required to live on campus unless they live with their parents or are over age 25. Upperclass students may live in North Village and Garden Apartments shared by four, five, or six students and equipped with its own kitchen, or in College-owned houses that border the campus. Students have access to a microwave/fridge/freezer in their room (or a full kitchen depending on the location), ethernet and wireless internet access, a Comcast Xfinity streaming account, and laundry facilities. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in College residences. Information about campus housing can be found at https://www.mcdaniel.edu/student-life/housing. Deposited and current students can also access resources online at https://mcdaniel.erezlife.com.

Residence Life Staff


The Residence Life program is directed by five professional staff members and 33 Resident Assistants (RAs). RAs are qualified and trained undergraduates whose job it is to live with students and be available to oversee the quality of life in their areas. Resident Assistants are responsible for advising individuals, assisting in health or safety emergencies, communicating campus policies to students, referring students to appropriate campus resources and reporting student concerns to administrative staff.

The Residence Life staff, along with the entire faculty and staff, assist in facilitating an environment of challenge and support. Students will be challenged by out-of-the-classroom experiences as well as academic experiences.



Residential students complete a online housing application that includes questions about study habits, room cleanliness, and other considerations available to new students prior to arrival on campus. The Residence Life staff uses the information in matching potentially compatible persons as roommates. Students may room with friends of their own choosing, but only mutual roommate requests will be honored.

Commuting Students


While about 80 percent of the undergraduate students live in the residence halls, commuting students are a welcome and active part of the student body. The College urges all commuting students to visit the Office of Student Engagement to learn about events, organizations, and ask questions about commuter services.

McDaniel Local and New Student Orientation


Through McDaniel Local and New Student Orientation, incoming first-year and transfer students will start the social and academic transition to McDaniel. They will meet with faculty advisors and peer mentors, explore academic offerings and programs, become familiar with the layout of campus, learn about various offices around the campus, get to know their peers, explore the Westminster community, and more.

McDaniel’s First-Year Experience aims to build a strong foundational base for new students and support their development into a lifelong path of learning and success at McDaniel and beyond. Reach out to Lisa Lebo, associate director of first-year experience and transition programs, with questions.

Dining Service


All residential students other than those living in North Village, the Garden Apartments (with a kitchen), and College owned houses are required to subscribe to a meal plan in Englar Dining Hall. Meals are served seven days a week and include continental breakfasts for students who prefer to eat later than the scheduled breakfast hour. Dining services are managed by AVI Fresh, and menus include many alternate selections for the diet conscious. Commuting students are encouraged to purchase partial meal plans, and parents and visitors are welcome to purchase individual meals.

Scotty’s Convenience Store and Hilltop Pub are on the middle level of Roj Student Center. The Hoover Library features Caseys’ Corner, a Starbucks coffee shop located in the entrance lobby of the building. All current hours of operation are available at https://www.aviserves.com/mcdaniel/

Wellness Center (Counseling and Health Services)


The Wellness Center is the integrated office of Counseling and Student Health for undergraduate students, providing mental health counseling and facilitating access to the off-campus student health services center offered by Carroll Health Group Primary Care. The multidisciplinary staff promotes student academic and personal success by empowering students to make informed choices regarding their overall health and well-being so that  they can thrive on the Hill and beyond. The Wellness Center is located in Winslow Center, 2nd Floor.

Counseling Services

The Counseling Services team consists of licensed clinical social workers, professional counselors, and graduate student interns (under supervision of a licensed staff member) who join with students in a collaborative process of positive change. Counseling staff assist students in addressing challenges and acquiring the self-awareness, information, skills, and resources necessary to succeed in the college environment and pursue productive, meaningful lives. Common concerns addressed in confidential counseling services include stress and anxiety, depression, adjustment and transition, identity development, relationship challenges, grief, anger, unhealthy eating, and substance use. Counseling Services are available to all full-time undergraduate students during the academic calendar year. Services include short-term individual counseling, group counseling, walk-in crisis intervention, and referrals to community providers. 

Student Health Services

McDaniel College partners with LifeBridge Health to offer health services to McDaniel’s students. Through this partnership, McDaniel students can receive routine medical care and telehealth appointments directly from Carroll Health Group Primary Care. This affiliation also offers greater access to medical specialists within the LifeBridge Health network as well as coordination with Carroll Hospital when necessary. The Wellness Center has a licensed nurse on staff to serve as the medical liaison with the Carroll Health Group Primary Care practice, to assist students in understanding and utilizing the medical resources available to them in the Westminster area, and to offer health and wellness educational programming. 

All full-time undergraduate students must complete a Pre-Entrance Student Health Form, including an official record of required immunizations. The College also requires all students to have health insurance. If a student does not have health insurance, or if a family health insurance plan does not provide adequate coverage, the College offers a comprehensive health insurance plan. International students must purchase the College’s Student Health Insurance Plan. For more information, please see the McDaniel College website.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)


The mission of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) is to provide visible leadership and direction for the College’s efforts on behalf of diversity and inclusion; offer programs and provide guidance and assistance, both academic and non-academic, to underrepresented students; support and coordinate student groups that serve the needs of diverse student populations; develop programs and services to promote diversity awareness and understanding within the larger campus community; and be a resource to students, faculty and staff in their efforts on behalf of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Some programs include:

  • Bias-Related Reporting
  • Cultural Leadership Council (CLC)
  • Cultural Speaker Series
  • Green Table Talk (GTT)
  • Interfaith Celebration
  • The Edge Experience Program

For more information of our services drop by our office located in the lower level of the Roj Student Center, visit our website, www.mcdaniel.edu/student-life/office-diversity-equity-inclusion, email us odei@mcdaniel.edu, or give us a call 410-857-2459.

The Center for Experience & Opportunity (CEO)


CEO Mission Statement:
The Center for Experience and Opportunity changes lives through the McDaniel Commitment, engaging students in endeavors to ready them for personal, academic, and professional success.

CEO Vision Statement:
The Center for Experience and Opportunity will be innovative in fostering engagements and networks that holistically shape students’ personal, academic, and professional lives.

The CEO assists with:

  • Career development (including resume/cover letter development, searching for internship and employment opportunities, networking with employers and alumnae, and making career-based decisions)
  • Education abroad
  • Competitive scholarships and fellowships
  • Community engagement (including getting involved with volunteer and service-learning opportunities)
  • Graduate school plans

For more information on services, visit the CEO website. Learn how to set up an appointment by visiting middle level of the Roj Student Center, emailing ceo@mcdaniel.edu, or calling 410-871-3305.

Education Abroad

The Director of International & Off-Campus Programs in the Center for Experience and Opportunity (CEO) is the main campus resource for students interested in education abroad. This includes off-campus and overseas experiential learning (study abroad, internships, volunteer, and service learning). The office assists students at every stage of the education abroad and application process, and also works with faculty leading short-term study programs abroad during the College’s January Term. For information and a complete list of education abroad programs affiliated with the College, visit the Study Abroad website or global.mcdaniel.edu.

International Students

McDaniel College has a long tradition of welcoming students from around the world into our academic community. The Director of International & Off-Campus Programs and a team of International Peer Mentors provide orientation programs for new international students upon arrival to campus in addition to cultural and academic support throughout the year. The Director of International & Off-Campus Programs also serves as the undergraduate Designated School Official (DSO) assisting with matters related to maintaining accurate and up to date immigration status. This can include, but is not limited to, understanding regulations regarding employment in the U.S., acquiring social security cards, and travel to other countries. 

 For more information about becoming an international student at McDaniel, contact the International Admissions Counselor at admissions@mcdaniel.edu. 


The College maintains services for the students’ and faculty’s convenience in Roj Student Center. An Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) provides access to accounts with Truist Bank or other banks in the MOST system. The College Store sells textbooks and other books, general college supplies, imprinted sports clothing, health aids, greeting cards, gifts, and many other items. The Post Office has individual mailboxes that students can sign up for to use each year, offers stamps for purchase, and mails and receives packages. Scotty’s Convenience Store sells a variety of food items, toiletries, and quick meal options like sandwiches and salads.