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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies

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Assistant Professor Mona Becker (Department Chair). Assistant Professor Jason Scullion.  Affiliated Professors: Claycombe, Iglich, Leahy, Marx and H. Smith; Affiliated Associate Professors: Jakoby and Semu; Affiliated Assistant Professors: Boukhars, Jacobs.

Areas of particular teaching interest: Professor Becker: environmental science/geology, geochemistry, and climatology; Professor Scullion: sustainablity, forest ecosystem management, and conservation biology;  Professor Claycombe: environmental economics;  Professor Iglich; ecology and botany:; Professor Jacobs: marine science and invertebrate biology; Professor Leahy: comparative politics of Western Europe, developing and communist nations, methodology of comparative politics; Professor Marx: physics education research, energy;  Professor Semu: globalization and international development, urban studies; Professor Smith: state and local governments, public administration, national and Maryland elections; Professor Jakoby; environmental philosophy: Professor Boukhars; politics of the Middle East.

Specializations in the ENV Major

All ENV students are required to complete six core courses, which are listed under “Courses for Environmental Studies”.   Students majoring in ENV then choose their area of specialization from three program tracks including: (1) Environmental Policy and Management, (2) Environmental Science – Biology, or (3) Environmental Science – Chemistry.

Completion of six core courses also serves as the requirements for the Minor in Environmental Studies.


McDaniel College’s location in the greater Washington-Baltimore region allows us to offer a number of valuable internship opportunities through government and consulting agencies. We also hope to encourage students to take part in the institution’s Washington Partnership Internship Program. Additionally, there are many opportunities for students to take part in internationally based courses and internships, for example, the School for Field Studies, Operation Wallecea, Political Science Semester in Washington, D.C. (either through the American University or through George Washington University).

Honors in Environmental Studies

Honors in ENV will be awarded to graduating seniors who have earned at least at 3.50 grade point average in all courses take in the major and who are recommended by the Department. Recommendation is based on the evaluation of a guided research or internship project completed and presented by the student in their senior year. Students must discuss guidelines with their advisor.


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