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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Environmental Studies Major - Earth System Science Specialization


Environmental Studies is the interdisciplinary study of human-environmental relations with a focus on human influences on the environment and environmental problem solving. Environmental Studies at McDaniel College prepare you to become a leader, problem-solver, and environmental professional. You’ll graduate with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to address socio-ecological challenges and create a better world. Students in Environmental Studies explore contemporary environmental issues and develop professional competencies through innovative courses based on experiential learning, scientific processes, community service, and considering diverse perspectives on our planet’s greatest challenges.

The earth system science specialization reflects the interconnectedness of the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere. Students explore the varied systems of the Earth in courses like Geology, Climatology, and Science of Soil, Water, and Air, learning skills that they can apply to future careers like environmental scientists for government and non-profit organizations, consultants, and teachers. Experiential activities emphasize skills used in Earth science careers and include plume mapping, water budgeting, wetland delineation, infiltration testing, and much more. Students will learn how to think long-term, work effectively in the field and with environmental data, and develop a wholistic view of Earth Systems within the field of environmental studies.


Select Four Specialization Courses From (16 credits):

(Two of the four courses must be at the 3000-level.)

Additional Courses (8 credits):

Take one (1) course from the Policy and Management Specialization  and one (1) course from the Environmental Biology Specialization.

Other courses may be substituted with approval from the Environmental Studies Department Chair.

Total Credit Hours: 48

Departmental Writing Requirement:

The Department of Environmental Studies extends writing through required core courses for the major. Student who major in Environmental Studies are required to take the courses as notated by the # symbol.

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Honors in ENV will be awarded to graduating seniors who have earned at least a 3.50 GPA in the ENV major. Students who wish to receive Honors in ENV must enroll in the program by committing to a project that demonstrates their leadership in the field of environmental studies, such as serving as an officer of a student club, completing independent research, or engaging in other extra-curricular activities that support issues related to environmental sustainability.